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New trends in furniture in 2021

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New trends in furniture in 2021
If you think about it, there is no doubt that the past 12 months have been one of the times when we were surrounded by furniture at home the most. Our chairs, tables, and shelves have changed from secondary roles in our daily activities to protagonists. We turned them into multifunctional objects. They have moved from our living room to our new home office, becoming a part of our classroom and even a temporary TV.

This new situation makes us think about many things: the concept of comfort, the authenticity of things, the value we give to the small pleasures of daily life.

In any case, the ideas we provide you in this article not only respond to the immediacy of the moment, because many trends are already underway, and this global shutdown strongly affirms them.

We can summarize them as follows:

Simple form
If there are any characteristics of interior decoration and furniture design, it is the use of returning to basic forms. A catalog of geometric shapes in which we can highlight arcs and circular lines. A geometric shape without edges, giving us a sense of tranquility and confidence.

Sustainable materials (really)
Concern about the health of the planet is no longer a trend, but a necessity. We have beautiful furniture, which is more beautiful because it is durable.

The same is true for the use of natural materials. Wood, fabric, and stone give furniture beauty and imperfect authenticity. We noticed the combination of these materials with the metallic elements of different finishes (lacquered, anodized, etc.) and the use of natural fabrics such as wool or linen. Therefore, we have seen a decrease in the use of plastic furniture and its derivatives.

Groove-Peking University-tecnica-artesanal-madera-ratan
Process technology
Continuing to find the essence of objects, we must emphasize the restoration of traditional techniques and the materials related to them: wicker, rattan, ceramics, leather...

Calm colors, tones and textures
Another booming trend is the return of the use of colors, but unlike the previous decades, there has been a tendency to use unsaturated colors in recent years and still "riding" between several colors: green , Blue, pink, orange and yellow; and a combination of different tones using the same color. All this is always accompanied by very prominent textures on the coverings and fabrics.

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